51 E Cigarette

by martingr on May 8, 2012

51 E Cigarette Information and Free Trial


If you are looking for an electronic cigarette you might want to take a closer look at the 51 E Cigarette also referred to as Smoke 51.

Smoke 51 electronic cigarette is made by the Vapor Corp which is an all American Electronic Cigarette brand that delivers e cigarettes to the market of only the highest possible quality.

Smoke 51 are only made of the best possible material, and what makes this electronic cigarette stand out compared to make other on the market is that it has just the right “look and feel” that makes it to the perfect substitute to real cigarettes.

So whether you want to quit smoking or just want to improve your overall health perhaps want to be able to smoke in public places without putting any harm to your surroundings then 51 E Cigarette is the right choice for you.

The Vapor Corp have for a limited period of time released a free trial of 51 E Cigarette called Smoke 51 Duo and if you are living in the United States you might qualify for your own free trial. All you have to do is to click on the link below.

The free trials from Smoke 51 has been discontinued. We recommend Saphire E Cig instead which is an e cigarette that comes with the latest technology and just as good as Smoke 51. Click on the link below to learn more.

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51 E Cigarette

51 E Cigarette Benefits

So what will you get using Smoke 51 instead of real cigarettes or for that matter other electronic cigarettes?


Same Feeling

First of all we are here dealing with an electronic cigarette that not only looks like a real cigarette, it also gives you the exact same pleasures you had when you were smoking real tobacco.

This is quite important if you want to become a successful e cigarette smoker, because a lot of smoking is based on habits, so if you are suddenly smoking an electronic cigarette that does not look like a real cigarette it will simply not feel like the same, and then you might end up going back to real cigarettes and start to harm your health again.


Good Bye To 3,999 Toxins

A regular cigarette contains 4,000 chemicals and toxins that puts a serious threat to your health. With Smoke 51 you only have one chemical left and that is the Nicotine which is much easier to deal with than the other 3,999 chemicals.

If you are afraid of not getting the same strength of Nicotine in this electronic cigarette as in your preferred tobacco brand there is no need to worry because 51 E Cigarette comes with different flavors and strength so you will not miss out on anything here.


Quit Smoking

51 E Cigarette is the perfect quit smoking remedy if you have decided that you want to stop smoking. A great help with this e cigarette when it comes to stop smoking is that you will start to improve your health from the day you start to use Smoke 51, because you will get rid of all the dangerous toxins such as Carbon Monoxide.

Another important aspect of quit smoking is habits which if often the main reason why smoker fail to stop smoking. Most of the smoking is really not because of the Nicotine but because of the habits that is related to smoking, the way you hold the cigarette, the first one in the morning, the cigarette after your dinner including all the senses related to cigarette smoking as well.

Regular quit smoking remedies does not take habits into consideration but basically put you on a cold turkey from day 1. But 51 Electronic cigarette you can gradually adapt your body to get use to a life without cigarettes, by first improve your overall health and then next start to focusing on cutting down on the amount of cigarettes you are smoking per day without it will hit you like a boomerang.

When it comes to the Nicotine it will actually be out of your body all ready within 72 hours so that is actually not the biggest issue either.


Electronic Cigarettes and Your Overall Health

it is not our intention to lecture you in the dangers of smoking because you all ready know the consequences. But if you feel you are not quite ready to quit for one reason or the other, it is still a good idea to switch to Smoke 51 electronic cigarette because it will give you a major improvement of your overall health.

You will decrease your risk of getting lung cancer and heart diseases but you will also experience that you will get a lot of your senses back such as smell and taste, that gradually gets destroyed when you smoke cigarettes.

Another important aspect with 51 E Cigarette is your surroundings. By using e cigarettes you are not releasing any Carbon Monoxide into the air that will harm others, but pure water based vapor that will not do any harm.

Smoke 51 and Social Smoking

Another reason why you might consider 51 E Cigarette is because of all the regulations against smoking on public places. It can be quite frustrating for a smoker not to be able to get his Nicotine fix when he goes out to a bar or nightclubs, because often smoking have been closely related to drinking alcohol and social gatherings.

Because 51 Electronic cigarette are only releasing water based vapor and will not harm others, there are no regulations against electronic cigarettes on public places in general. There might be local laws and rules that dictate different.


Saphire E Cigarette The Free Trial

So if you are interested in getting started with Saphire E Cigarette but are not quite sure whether you will like it or not, we suggest that you take this unique opportunity to grab the risk free trial. Remember they are only available for a limited period of time and in the United States only.

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